Field Note #42. On "Blockchain Applicability Framework"

Source: Nikhil Gourisetti et. al., "Evaluation and Demonstration of Blockchain Applicability Framework" in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (2019)

And again, I remain on this Threshold Question: when is blockchain (as such) suitable for a given problem?  


  1. "A very common trait that is found is that some of the blockchain users and enthusiasts cannot identify whether there is any need for blockchain in their application." (Gourisetti et. al., at 1)
  2. Mistranslating Goethe: "All beginnings are delightful; the threshold is the place to pause."

This Threshold Question precedes all debate about permissionless, permissioned, hybrid architectures, ATAM (see Field Note #39), optimal consensus mechanism, tokenomics, investment frameworks (see, e.g., Field Notes #4, #37), business considerations, stakeholder interactions, etc.).

I have extracted the domains, subdomains, and controls compiled in Gourisetti et. al. in the attached WIP Checklist, while actively testing it via assessing active liquid & illiquid investments (there's no better way to do so than via skin in the game).



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