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"Each cherishes in his memory the remembrance of those who have fanned his flame." - Charles Nicolle

"Sandeep's work is insanely wide and deep. He forms connections that others don't and isn't afraid to offer them to the world. I can't believe his field notes are done in his personal time. It's rare to find a top performer with such deep humility - a gifted iconoclast and a joy to work with."

~ Founder ~

"I really wish I had the ability to synthesize complex and important concepts like Sandeep Ramesh. His field notes are clearly worthy of a PhD in investing, regardless of the asset class."

~ Investor ~

"The content is informative enough to be satisfying on its own while still inspiring me to do further research on the topics at hand. This is a truly addictive educational format for me - the first text-based subscription I've signed up for in months and one of the only subscriptions now on my daily or regular reading list."

~ Founder ~

"Check out more of Sandeep's field notes; they're a great interdisciplinary bridge."

~ Investor ~

"Challenge Sandeep's insights (summation of deep research in reality) at your own risk."

~ Investor ~

"I really enjoy reading about your progress as you prepare for what is sure to be a defining next decade of significant change."

~ Investor ~

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