Field Note #40. On "Framing the Threshold"

Source: Tomader Almeshal & Areej Alhogail, "Blockchain for Businesses: A Scoping Review of Suitability Evaluations Frameworks" in IEEE Access, vol. 9 (pp. 155,425-155,442) (Nov. 2021)


"[A] key question relates to the matter of how to determine whether a blockchain solution is suitable for a given business; if so, which configuration of a blockchain system should be used?" (Id. at 155,246)

To address these threshold issues / gateway (see also Field Note 38: On "The Threshold Question"), Almeshal & Alhogail survey a range of deployed frameworks that directly touch business use cases (vs. purely technical considerations).

The survey is useful in its guiding light, but not in specifically and directly  advocating a particular methodology.  As it relates to my particular interest (investing, risk-taking), more work is to be done.  

But now, I have at least collected some tasty breadcrumbs ("further reading" bulleted below).

Staring at this resource pile (below), it is useful here to recall the wisdom of the inimitable Alan Watts:

"Don’t make a distinction between work and play. Regard everything that you are doing as play, and don’t imagine for one minute that you’ve got to be serious about it." (Source


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