Field Note #63. On "Gensyn Litepaper"

Source: Gensyn Litepaper, avail. online at

The Main Ideas.

  • One-Liner: "The Gensyn Protocol is a layer-1 trustless protocol for deep learning computation that directly and immediately rewards supply-side participants for pledging their compute time to the network and performing ML tasks...facilitating task distribution and payments programmatically through smart contracts." (Id. at pdf pg. 4)
  • Long-term vision: "The Gensyn Protocol will enable anyone to train ML models for any task using a self-organizing network that encompasses every source of compute power in existence....By decentralizing ML compute, the Gensyn Protocol brings a crucial infrastructure component natively to Web3, reducing reliance on Web2 and further strengthening and decentralizing the entire ecosystem....Foundation models, trained on the Gensyn Protocol, will be decentralized and globally owned, allowing humanity to equally benefit from collaborative ML development and training.  Building on these foundation models using fine-tuning will be as simple as defining a task and paying a fair market price for the fine-tuning work, removing the barriers that currently exist." (Id. at pdf pp. 15-16)

The Details.

The Annotated Litepaper.

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