Field Note #44. On "Investing Epistemology: Convergence + Divergence"

Source: Mark Rzepczynski, "Market Vision and Investment Styles: Convergent versus Divergent Trading" in J. of Alt. Investments (Winter 1999)

The Main Points.

  • It’s far better to be convex than to be “right” or “smart”
  • Attitudes toward how the world, knowledge, and markets are structured necessarily informs investment strategies and decisions
  • Two main epistemological frames: convergence and divergence

If dealing with crypto investments--whether private venture and/or or publicly traded venture--and there there is only a single choice of worldview to express in the investment program...

investment_worldviews = ["convergent", "divergent"]
print(investment_worldviews [1])

The Annotated Visual.

The Details.

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