Field Note #34. On "Bell Mason Diagnostic: An Intro."

Sources: C. G. Bell & H. B. Mason, "A Method to Diagnose High Tech Ventures," in Technology Management : the New International Language (1991), pp. 621-624 and Gordon Bell, "Sink or Swim: Know When It's Time to Bail" in Queue (Dec/Jan. 2003-2004), pp. 60-67

The Main Idea.
The Bell-Mason Diagnostic is an under-appreciated framework to evaluate tech startups on 12 dimensions across 4 growth stages.  Against "gut-driven investing," the Diagnostic attempts to provide rigor and systematic thinking to evaluate and calibrate the health of tech startups as they attempt to navigate toward steady state.

The Details.
The Four Stages
1. Concept
2. Seed
3. Product Development
4. Market Development

The Twelve Dimensions
1. Business Plan
2. Marketing
3. Sales & Business Development
4. CEO
5. Team
6. Board of Directors
7. Cash
8. Fundability
9. Control
10. Technology / Engineering
11. Product / Service
12. Delivery

The Infographic.

The Field Note.

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