Field Note #33. On "The Double Diamond + a Forming Cloud"

Source: Dan Nessler, "How to Apply a Design Thinking, HCD, UX or Any Creative Process from Scratch," avail. online (May 2016) & Revised & New Version, avail. online (Feb 2018)

Proffered by the British Design Council, the Double Diamond Framework is one of many generalized frameworks for non-linearly moving from "problem" to "solution," which has personal relevance in my continued exploration of the seemingly unbounded surface area of crypto, web3, blockchain, digital assets, and related topics.

Nessler's 2016 article (and 2018 update) provides a more detailed (at the risk of being overwrought, depending on the user's deftness and preconceptions) look at the Double Diamond.

The Discovery phase is encapsulated by a favorite Feynman quote: "Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent, and original manner possible."

The output of this irreverence as it relates to my fundamentals-based interest in evaluating crypto (mal)investments is visualized in my current Field Note Cloud (largely unstructured, though the emergence of topic clustering forming):

The latest working version of Nessler's "revamped" Double Diamond is presented below, together with the associated Field Note writeup further below.

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