Field Note #128. On "Techno Revolution S-Curve"

Source: Carlota Perez, Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital (2002)

The Context.

Recent travels took me to where I first encountered the work of J. Schumpeter some 15 years ago.

And so inspired, upon my return home, I re-opened Perez's seminal text.

Then, I captured, synthesized, and stylized some notes in an effort to bridge my interests in crypto, web3, and related to the framework.

Here is a start (below), bringing to the forefront nuances I had elided in my prior engagements with this work...

The key prompt:

Are we at a turning point--critically, understood as a "process" in considering web3?  

(N.B. the terminological tension invoked by Perez's use of 'point,' which she clarifies as a 'process of contextual change' on p. 53)

The Details.

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