Field Note #107. On "Non-Neutrality of Phone + Social"


  1. Simon DeDeo, "No Safe Level of Use: Strategies for Post-Social Media" (21 May 2021), avail at
  2. Simon DeDeo, "The 11th Reason To Delete Your Social Media Account: the Algorithm Will Find You" (25 Apr. 2021), avail at
  3. Tristan Harris & Anderson Cooper, "Brain Hacking" on 60 Minutes, (9 Apr. 2017) available at
  4. Jaron Lanier, Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now (2018)
  5. Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World, (2019)

The Context.

The work on Field Note #105. On "Tech: In Medias Res" sent me to reflect more specifically on the non-neutrality of tech by the most "in my face" examples:
1️⃣ my phone and a dominant part of the phone-enabled ecosystem...
2️⃣ social media.

Often, paradoxically, the most "in my face" examples are also the most subtle in operation...

And so...The Details / companion notes to the 5 sources above are appended.

But first, 2 quotes that will be bouncing around in my head going into the weekend:

  1. "You know that road.  You know exactly where it ends.  And, I know that's not where you want to be."
    — Trinity (The Matrix)
  2. "Is it social conditioning that makes you depend?  Which means you are part of society; society is not independent of you.  You have made society, which is corrupt; you have put it together.  In that cage you are caught, you are part of it.  So don't blame society.  Do you see the implications of dependency?  What is involved?  Why are you depending?"
    — J. Krishnamurti, On Fear, p. 24

The Details.

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