Field Note #97. On "Metacrisis + Crypto" (part 1)

Source: "The Metacrisis" interview with Daniel Schmachtenberger [see: Consilience Project] on Green Pill episode 26, available on YT.

The Backdrop.

"The worst labyrinth is not that intricate form that can entrap us forever, but a single and precise straight line." (J.L. Borges)

In actively listening to part 1 of a (to be completed) 3-part series with D. Schmactenberger on Green Pill ep. 26 (avail. YT), one is compelled to think more holistically about the interconnectedness of concerns from climate to energy to biotech to AI to hyper-financialization to erosion of "self-as-other" ethic.  The effects of these concerns are amplified to existential risk level by exponential tech, inclusive of "crypto" (the quotes suggesting a floating signifier, not a cynical dig).

In my prior work on "risk of ruin," it appears I have been woefully limited in my attachment to the investment domains...

Disclaimer: notes (not quotes) are presented, interpolated by my areas of practice; errors are entirely mine.

The Details.

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