Field Note #138. On "AI / ML Scaffold"

Source: Richard Ngo, "A Short Introduction to Machine Learning" in AI Alignment Forum (Aug. 2021), avail. online.

The Context.

"Education is not about mindlessly filling a pail, but rather about igniting a fiery passion." - W.B. Yeats

In my pursuit of a more effective personal learning scaffold, one that transcends the limitations of a mere pail, I present these linearly organized notes on an outstanding and concise piece by R. Ngo, aptly titled "A Short Introduction to Machine Learning."

To enhance my own learning workflow, I will visually re-present and "ignite" this information in "map form" (in process).

As always, I share these notes with the same spirit that has always driven me: to provide others with breadcrumbs that lead them back to the source, enabling them to ignite their own passions instead of shoveling them mindlessly into a dreadful pail (my posting of these notes is one way I've found to discard the pail).

The Notes.

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