Field Note #11. On "Dixon Decentralization"

Source: Chris Dixon, Why Decentralization Matters in One Zero, (Feb. ‘18) avail. at

  • Internet Era 1 (1980s-2000s): open protocols controlled by community
  • Internet Era 2 (mid-2000s-present): centralized platforms win, accelerated by mobile
  • Internet Era 3 (now-future): decentralized cryptonetworks
  • Centralization snuffs innovation and creates zero sum game with customers
  • Two-stage p/m fit paradigm: (a) p/m fit between platform and devs & entrepreneurs; (b) p/m fit between platform and end users
“This two-stage process is what causes many people—including sophisticated technologists—to consistently underestimate the potential of decentralized platforms.” (Id.)
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